In addition to Powerlifting, Bournemouth Weightlifting and Powersports Club also has a strong interest in Weightlifting. Weightlifting is a sport also reffered to as Olympic Lifting.


The BWLA (British Weightlifting Association) is affiliated to the EWF (European Weightlifting Federation) and the IWF (International Weightlifting Ferderation)

Weightlifting comprises of two events, Snatch and Clean & Jerk. In competition, their are 7 women’s weight classes (48,53,58,63,69,75 & 75kgs+ and 8 Mens weight classes (56,62,69,77,85,94,105 & 105kgs+). For Youth women, weight classes begin at 44kg and follow the same class pattern as the women ending at 69kg+. Same progression for the Youth men, weight classes begin at 50kg, ending at 94+.

The Snatch is one continuous movement of the barbell from the ground to full extension of the arms above the head. Whilst the Clean and Jerk is two movements. Firstly the clean is when the bar is pulled to the clavicles in one continuous movement and the second movement (the jerk) is where the arms fully extend overhead with the use of a leg bend and the receive position of the jerk is a lunge (for split jerk) or shallow squat (for power jerk).

Commonly in both the snatch and clean & jerk, the lifters often ‘dive’ under the bar into a full squat position to be able to receive and lift more weight. Some lifters will perform a ‘power snatch’ or ‘power clean’ where the squat position is minimal. This training modality is commonly used by track & field athletes as well as weightlifters.

Here is an example of the clean and jerk

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