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New Facilities in the Bournemouth Area

Bournemouth University’s Rees suite has undergone a massive refurbishment this summer – more than doubling in size to provide one of the best facilities in the South for Strength training, club sessions will run on Wednesdays from 4pm. The facility boasts 3 lifting platforms, two squat/bench combinations and over 2,000kgs of weight.


In addition to this, Oakmead College of Technology is currently undergoing major restructuring! Details to follow!

Bournemouth lift the British Power Championships

Corfe Hills teacher Louise Watton won the exclusive best lifter award at the British Powerlifting Championships held in Coventry over the weekend. Louise trains at Bournemouth University with the Bournemouth barbell club. She won her  under 63kg weight class from the renowned Jordana Freemantle and became one of only 6 ladies in UK lifting history to exceed 500 points on the wilks register of World class lifters.

Louise Watton and Jordana Freemantle at the recent European Senior Championships

During the 4 years since her first competition Louise has nearly doubled her lifting total while actually loosing bodyweight.

Junior Steve Tyers from Bearwood won the mens under 66kg class with a 585kg total and Alistair Cannings, a 20 year old Bournemouth University student, placed 3rd in a very strong 83kg class totalling 677.5 kg  including a 265kg  deep squat, a 162.5kg paused bench press and a 250kg deadlift.

All three have represented Great Britain at the IPF World Championships and look forward to compete at the Commonwealth Championships being held in Britain for only the second time at our very own Bournemouth University in December.

New Lifters at BB

We get a fair turn over of aspiring new lifters at Bournemouth Barbell

and some stick to the task and start lifting on the platform in competition.

Small low key local club competitions are run to get people used to the challenges and pleasures of competing and are held as and when appropriate in local gyms that the club uses.

During the last year three senior lifters have started to emerge in competition and have become ever more focused on Powerlifting.

The following introductions are made in an effort to encourage others to join us:-

DAZ – Darren Wilks, age 33 bodyweight 65kg.Former semi pro soccer player.Lives in Christchurch.

     Best performances so far include 155kg squat//127.5kg bench//185kg deadlift Equipped –Yes folks equipped after less than a year lifting.

Reason :- Just fancied a go and got hooked.

     Daz hopes to be invited to compete at the World Championships in Glasgow.

DAN – Dan Hopkinson  , age 31,bodyweight 74kg.Lives in Bournemouth.

Best performances so far include 172.5kg squat,115kg bench,192.5kg deadlift Unequipped  Not tempted to use equipment—YET!

Dan has encouraged many to join us and has trained very hard and

will pass 500kg total soon.Unequipped.

MARTIN – Martin Smith,age 37, bodyweight 75/ 77kg.Senior Nursing Officer.

Lives in Broadstone. Cross fit enthusiast. Father was a top class distance/marathon runner.

Best performances include 175kg squat,142.5kg bench,240 kg deadlift.

Unequipped. Going to give equipment a try soon. Trying to change from conventional to sumo deadlift. Also changing squat technique to a powerlifting model.

Hopes to be invited to compete at the Worlds in Glasgow.

Our club has a membership including regular trainers from some distance away, Southampton,

Salisbury and Dorchester included.

All strength enthusiasts, committed to our Drugs free Ethos and willingness to be drug tested (whenever), are welcome

to join us. For details on club contacts and other information please go to our training tab.

Paul Rees

B.B.Club Secretary

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